How to Easily Find the Best Chicken Cage Factory in China

16 , May 2024

It’s important to locate the best factory in China when buying chicken cages. Here are some guidelines and pointers to assist you in finding a suitable Chinese chicken cage factory. You will also learn more about POUL TECH and how we can provide you with high-quality products and services.


How to Easily Find the Best Chicken Cage Factory in China


1. Determine Your Requirements: First, specify the type and specifications of the chicken cages you need(H Type and A Type). Consider the number of tiers, whether you need automatic systems (such as automatic feeding and manure removal), and other factors that will influence your choice. Get Free Farm Planning.

H Type Layer Cage A Type Layer Cage


2. Use Online Platforms and Google: Utilize B2B platforms like Alibaba, Made-in-China, Google Search, and others that host detailed information about numerous Chinese chicken cage suppliers. These platforms allow you to compare different factories’ products, prices, and customer reviews.


3. Evaluate Suppliers: Check the ratings, customer reviews, and years of operation of suppliers. Choose reputable suppliers to ensure they have stable production capacity and good after-sales service. Companies like Henan POUL TECH Machinery provide detailed product information and installation support.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews


4. Request Quotes and Samples: Contact multiple suppliers to get quotes and possibly request samples to evaluate product quality. Confirm shipping terms, delivery times, and payment methods during the discussions.


5. Negotiate Terms: Discuss terms of payment, delivery, and pricing with suppliers. Bulk orders often result in discounts from suppliers.


6. Place Your Order: Choose a suitable supplier and place your order. Ensure all specifications and agreements are documented. At this stage, it is best to make a decision after visiting the factory and poultry breeding project, either online or on-site.

Chinese chicken cage factory Chinese chicken cage factory


7. Shipping and Customs: Arrange for shipping and be prepared for customs procedures. Suppliers usually assist with logistics, but understanding your country’s import regulations is crucial to avoid any issues.


8. Installation and Setup: Upon receiving the chicken cages, follow the supplier’s installation guides. Some suppliers provide on-site installation services or detailed manuals. POUL TECH will send installation engineers to guide the installation and guide farmers to use the equipment.

Install chicken cage Install chicken cage


Introducing POUL TECH


In the process of searching for Chinese providers of chicken cages, POUL TECH deserves recognition. Our expertise lies in producing high-quality, long-lasting, and fully functional chicken cages suitable for various poultry farming practices. The automated feeding and manure removal systems in our cages significantly improve farming productivity. In order to guard against corrosion, our chicken cages are constructed with 275g hot-dip galvanized steel. To guarantee that you can use our equipment without any issues, we offer thorough after-sales support, which includes on-site installation and engineer training.

Laser Cutting Hot-dip Galvanized Sheet Engineer training


By placing an order with us, you can make your poultry farming easier and more productive by receiving premium chicken cages at a reasonable price, together with full technical assistance and after-sales care.




It’s important to thoroughly consider your alternatives and choose the proper source when buying chicken cages in China. You are able to locate high-quality chicken cages that satisfy your needs by using web resources, assessing vendors, and being aware of your wants. POUL TECH offers complete support and services if you require expert guidance or would like to learn more about our products.




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