Causes of Soft Foot Disease in Broilers

25 , Mar 2023
Soft foot disease is a common disease in broiler breeding. It mainly occurs in 4-5 week old chickens, and the incidence rate is as high as 20%. Feeding and weight gain of diseased chickens are seriously hindered.
Soft Foot Disease
(1) Pathogenesis:
The first reason is the lack of nutrition. Broilers grow rapidly and their metabolism is vigorous. If the feed lacks calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and other vitamins and trace elements necessary for bone growth, it is easy to suffer from soft feet disease,
The second reason is lack of exercise. Exercise can promote the growth and development of bones. Broilers who lack exercise are prone to this disease
The third is insufficient light.
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(2) Prevention measures:
① At 2-3 weeks of age, the diet containing 2000 units of vitamin D, 1% calcium and 0.5% available phosphorus per kilogram of feed
② Adding 2.5% distiller’s yeast and increasing sodium bicarbonate to the feed generally accounts for about 0.5% of the feed. Feeding more corn and cake feed can reduce the occurrence of soft foot disease.
③ It is very important to increase the content of vitamin B and vitamin E in feed, especially the addition of compound vitamin B and vitamin B1, which can not only reduce the occurrence of soft foot disease, but also can be used for treatment.
④ Increase the amount of exercise and sunlight appropriately.
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