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EUROTIER 2014 in Hanover,Germany-Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


EUROTIER 2014 in Hanover,Germany

25 , Mar 2023
The animal husbandry equipment market in China has made great progress through last 10 years development, the advanced modern farm has accounted for more than 20% of all large farms, is expected in the next three years, can achieve 50% above, China’s animal husbandry equipment has entered the important period of product updates, has more than three hundred billion yuan a year livestock equipment huge market demand, at present the big Dutchman, such as the United States Joe too, Japan HYTEM factory has built many livestock farms in China, set up a standardized construction of China’s farm. At the same time, the government attach great importance to pollution of the farm by farm equipment must be one hundred percent in order to achieve environmental protection request, the animal husbandry of fully automated equipment provides a very large market space, at present, China’s agricultural modernization is accelerated, the farm livestock equipment automation demand is increasing. At present, the domestic farmers have fully aware of China’s labor costs are rising sharply, farm workers wages are significantly increase, average wages have risen to $300 from $300 to $800, and the management difficulty is much more difficult than the management of the equipment, therefore, more and more farmers choose automated equipment to reduce dependence on artificial. The Chinese government is very attention to agriculture and animal husbandry,so the support for agriculture and animal husbandry equipment is very large, in many areas, farm livestock equipment purchase, government subsidies can reach 30%, the animal husbandry for Chinese farmers purchasing automation equipment provided a big help. Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd. Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd. In such a situation and background, we from November 2014 to Hanover, Germany to participate in the livestock industry’s top learning exhibition – EUROTIER.it is one of the world’s top animal husbandry machinery and equipment, feed and feed additives, dynamic security, veterinary drugs, such as exhibition, sponsored by the German agricultural association (DLG), one every two years, is known as the world’s largest and most professional, the most influential show.Here is to obtain the innovation achievements and development trends, animal husbandry and animal husbandry areas professionals all over the world to discuss the ideal platform of communication, successive exhibition attracted all the exhibitors and spectators from around the world.As an international first-class comprehensive and professional animal husbandry, the exhibition for suppliers from all over the world, sales agents, users and industry experts provides the business negotiation, project investment, technical cooperation, academic discussion of the platform. Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.   Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd. Four day fair let us enjoy the present, the world’s most advanced automation of livestock and poultry breeding equipment as well as the cultivation idea, let us find the gap, but let’s see the direction. At the meeting, also with several European we determine the good cooperation intention, and signed the memorandum of visits.