Henan Poul Tech participate in the 2017 VIV Asia Bangkok Exhibition

25 , Mar 2023
As the 2017 VIV Asia Bangkok Exhibition, VIV Asia will be nearly two decades of operation, has developed into Asia’s most well-known, influential and appeal of an international animal husbandry exhibition. Data show that the exhibition not only attracted the world famous enterprises exhibitors, has become a national dealer and agents to find a treasure of a blessing. For domestic enterprises, it should be looking for foreign sales agents, establish a corporate image, promote their own brand of a best platform. Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd. The range of products includes: products and services, poultry breeding, slaughtering and processing,egg products and processing, pig breeding, slaughtering and processing, bovine breeding, fishery breeding, feed,feed production and management,animal health, transportation and packaging, Knowledge, technology transfer and conversion.