Layer project in Sichuan Province

25 , Mar 2023

Project Introduction

Breeding species: Layer equipment with 5 rows and 6 tiers

Chicken house dimension: 100 x 15 x 6.5 meters

Quantity of single house: 75,600 birds

Configuration: 6 tiers super high-rise and thermostatic layer equipment

layer farm

This farm located in Sichuan province, the project started in Jan 2021, using TechPro series, the design of the chicken house is 100 by 15 by 6.5 meters, capacity is 75,600 birds per house. The overall design has 7 chicken coops, total breeding capacity is 520,000 birds, and now two chicken coops have been completed.

layer farm

The house is equipped with fully automatic system. We designed an intelligent factory for the farm. According to the farm land and overall planning, we customized a central egg conveyor system for the farm, using automated equipment to comprehensively improve the production efficiency of the farm. 

layer farm