25 , Mar 2023
Feeding level is one of the important indicators to measure the productivity of poultry breeding in a region, and it has a great effect on the economic development of a region.

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01 Avian influenza prevention and control level
The investigation of the level of prevention and control of avian influenza in chicken farms mainly assesses whether there are irregularities in the immunization procedures; the types of vaccines are different; the amount of vaccines is inconsistent, etc…
02 Strengthen the application of comprehensive biosafety technology
Biosafety integrated technology is a comprehensive technology for the prevention and control of avian influenza in chicken farms. It mainly controls articles, feed and feeding procedures, and is a key technology to ensure the safety of chicken farms. Anyone must be disinfected before entering the chicken farm, and outsiders should be strictly prohibited from entering the chicken farm to ensure the safety and reliability of chicken farming.
03 Other bird flu prevention and control measures
Starting from the feed quality, strengthen the quality control of the chicken farm feed, regularly check the feed, strictly prohibit the feed of substandard quality from being put into the chicken farm to avoid the deterioration of the material from affecting the poultry of the chicken farm. Ensure the safety of chicken farming.

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The prevention and control of avian influenza in chicken farms should be based on the basic principle of prevention than cure. In order to improve the prevention effect of avian influenza, in the process of using prevention and control drugs, try to avoid the problem of indiscriminate use of antibiotics to avoid the immunity of poultry itself Make an impact.
In the water supply link, attention should be paid to water sanitation and sufficient, to avoid the spread of avian influenza virus, and to conduct safety testing on poultry drinking water to ensure the safety of poultry breeding.
Strengthen the control of the breeding environment, strengthen the ventilation of the chicken farms, combine the local environment and climate to do a good job in the management of the chicken farm breeding environment, comprehensively promote the development of the regional large-scale chicken farm breeding industry, and apply avian influenza scientifically Comprehensive prevention and control technology ensures the health of poultry in chicken farms.

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