Return Visit After Xinxiang Project Installation

29 , Mar 2023
At the beginning of February this year, a layer project with 100 thousand birds per house, located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, is well installed. Our technicians went to the project site again on March 26, 2023 to inquire and check the operation of the equipment after installation.
The house has its dimension of 95*15*7.5m(Length*Width*Height), with our unique design of super-high H type layer cage system. There are 5 rows of cages, 8-floor cages with a layout of 4+4, which there is a platform in the middle to separate the upper and lower floors into four floors, which is convenient for customers to manage chickens.
After commissioning on the spot, each automatic system is proved to be installed properly and operated normally. The feeding system is mainly composed of a feed storage silo, feeding cart, and main feeding line. Since the capacity of 100,000 chickens in a single building is not small, and the daily feed intake of chickens is as much as 12 tons, it will be very tiring to climb up the silo and put feeds into it by manpower alone, so a feed elevator is also provided for customers, to reduce the burden of feeding. The drinking water system is equipped with filters and dosing device imported from French Dosatron. After on-site simulation to filter and add medicine to impurity water, the water quality is also proved to be safe and qualified to chickens.

The egg collection system is tested by placing eggs on each row of egg belts to observe the operation status of the equipment. The whole process runs smoothly and the eggs arrive on egg tables with no breakages.


The manure removal system is tested focusing on the manure belts. There is normal operation without running away and broke. Turning on the climate control system on site, take the human body comfort temperature as an example, the technicians find that no matter which part of the chicken house they are in, they will feel comfortable, which proves that the climate control system is installed and running normally. Finally technicians reported the results to the customer and told them that the chicken house can already be farmed.