TechPro layer cage

25 , Mar 2023
TechPro layer cage includes special cage, fully automatic drinking water equipment, feeding tower, automatic feeding device, automatic feeding system, fully automatic control electrical equipment, fully automatic egg gathering machinery, poultry house environment control system, fully automatic ventilation equipment, wet curtain evaporation cooling equipment, automatic conveyor type fecal cleaning equipment and automatic control integrated system.

battery layer cage

The farm must be equipped with an emergency generator set, which can be switched automatically in time. Ensure that the light in the shed is uniform, and the egg conveying system, manure cleaning system, feeding and feeding systems are used normally.

electric generator

The automatic feeding system compose with feed carts, auger pipes, feed silo, feed trough and feed adjustment apparatus.

feed silo feed carts

The drinking system is consisting of PVC material square shape pipe, nipple drinkers, which is made of plastic and stainless steel in red color, in each section and the bottom plastic drop catcher in V shape. 
nipple drinkers
Chicken manure fell on the manure belt Under the cage in each tier then transports to the horizontal manure conveyor.After first cleaning, we have added the second scraper device, it’s making the manure belt very clean. The second manure scraper designed in adjustable way according to chicken manure thick degree.
manure belt
The manure can be transported to the storage or through vertical manure conveyor transport to the dung vehicle directly.
vertical manure conveyor
The automatic egg collection machine has the powerful collection ability, it’s reduced the egg breakage which may be caused by manual work.
 egg collection machine  automatic egg collection machine
Each layer of the chicken house is equipped with a wireless temperature line ammonia gas sensor, which can detect the temperature, humidity and negative pressure in the house. 
The sensor uploals the data to the networked host, and the host displays the information of temperature, humidity, illumination, and ammonia in the terminal through the Internet cloud. 
The terminal can adjust the ventilation time to seconds and automatically control the opening of the fan and wet curtain in groups according to the different temperature and humidity.

cooling fan COOLING PAD

The chicken house control system is divided into two parts, the front-end electric control cabinet and the back-end strong current electric cabinet.
1. The front control cabinet is mainly operation for automatic machine motors, include feeding auger, feeding cart, egg collection machine, manure removal and manure conveyer motors.
2. The back end strong current electric cabinet is control for the ventilation fans, cooling pads water recycle and air inlets motors. It’s used in conjunction with the climate controller to keep the chicken house at a comfortable temperature.
3. The climate controller equipped according to the different chicken capacity in per house. We have the climate controller PTEC series independently developed by Poul Tech machinery. It can be used in the house with less than 30,000 birds. 
4. The AC2000 series climate controller is from Munters, it always equipped with more than 30,000 birds per house.
 climate controller electric cabinet