Visiting The Large Scale Poultry Farm in Europe

25 , Mar 2023
1. Chicken house: built by local steel structure company in France, chicken house construction engineering quality is very high, the domestic rare, all the chicken house and peripheral facilities of life are all steel structure, two ear wall each have six (after the former three parts, the upper three), a total of 12 cross wind window opening and closing device, under the eaves to cover one side wall, will the device be covered, only 12 operating window on the outer wall of the ear wall. 2. Internal: using 4 + 4=8 layer design, pedal to production for hot dip galvanized steel plate welding, very strong. Cross wind window in two ear, the wall surface, automatic opening and closing: after the former paragraphs have induction temperature difference and pressure difference sensor, lateral wind window can adjust the Angle of opening and closing automatically according to the data change, ensure the ventilation effect. 3. The front and back side up and leave a door unlocked, a total of four, for chicken layer cage and elimination of the chicken, each chicken house laying 63000birds,they need 20 people in five days of work to complete the laying and elimination chickens.POUL TECH at the invitation of the European cooperation manufacturer, inspected the local advanced laying hens farms in Europe, in order to better communication and learning, we specially down visited study detailed questions: Hen house layout: the farm USES cascading layer 8 layers battery equipment, 5 column distribution, 63000birds / buildings, a total of 4 chicken farms breeding 252000 birds Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.  Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd. 4. The control room in the hen house right, very neat rows of electric control system and electric control and environmental control terminal control panel in the control room.All the expected, the collection of eggs, manure, drinking water (the amount of water every day) are automatic control and real-time monitoring, unsupervised. The Chicken farm boss said that workers at 5 a.m. start action set egg apparatus, complete collection of eggs before 10:00 a.m. after go off work, within weeks 5 days work, normal rest over the weekend. Other system fully automated, unattended. 5. About the cooling: first we see their data transmission of the control system by 11 after three sections in the sensor before the chicken house, back to the data of some transient temperature difference will also have more than 3 degrees, but will adjust come back soon, some temperature control in 1 degrees or so, always up and down the overall mean temperature difference should be in 1-2.5 degrees. 6. The curtain wall without reserve, fully enclosed, temperature control by end wall big fan and the integration of the automatic open side of the wind window. Chicken house (distance ear wall 1 meters) on both sides of upper and lower layer 4 each have two stainless steel spray system, is used for auxiliary physical cooling. By cooling effect. For water spray system with no special cooling and heating, direct extraction of groundwater after filtering, about 25-28 degrees, applied directly to the spray cooling.