Digital empowers one person to raise 30000 chickens easily

November 11, 2022

This egg chicken farm project is established in Guangxi Province. In order to reach the target breeding capacity of 1 million layers, this new layer farm has been built. This is the eighth layer farm in this project. We have equipped our TechPro egg cage equipment with six rows and nine layers. 120000 layers have been raised in this farm, making the total breeding capacity of this project reach 340000 layers.We saw eight standardized chicken sheds with intelligent systems such as environmental control, feeding, and egg delivery, which were arranged in order. The employees controlled the intelligent equipment and easily managed the chicken layer cage

chicken farm house

Under the traditional artificial breeding mode, one worker can manage 5000 chickens at most, while our intelligent breeding mode has improved the breeding efficiency five or six times. Now, 32 people can manage 920000 chickens. On average, one person can easily raise 30000 chickens.

chicken farm equipment

Each cage house has five floors, each floor is equipped with automatic water supply and feeding equipment, the eggs produced by laying hens automatically slide onto the conveyor belt, and are transmitted and transported by the automatic egg collecting system; The excrement in the chicken house is automatically cleaned by the machine and transported out in time.

Egg girdle

All the equipment forms an intelligent breeding production system. The workers only need to start with one button, and the feeding, water supply, temperature control, air exchange, egg collection, dung cleaning and other work will start automatically. Under the traditional breeding mode, workers frequently enter and exit the chicken farm, which affects the growth and development of laying hens and egg production, and may also bring in bacteria. The automated and intelligent chicken house reduces the risk of personnel entering and leaving, and the problem is solved.

Chicken house control cabinet

The use of intelligent chicken raising equipment has effectively improved production efficiency and enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises.

Workers pick up eggs