November 18, 2022
On November 17, 2022, POUL TECH's new factory is basically completed!
Aerial view of the factory
The layout of the plant had been planned since October 2020. A planning map needed to be beautiful and practical.
Plant Plan
Construction of the new workshop had already started in May 2021. The construction of 2 production workshops was completed in September 2021. 
We moved the equipment into the new workshop and started production. The monthly output can reach 10,000 chicken cages Let's appreciate what a fully automated workshop looks like.
In November 2021 the warehouse had been constructed. Let's take a look at the assembled automated chicken cage.
The office building was completed in April 2022.  It can accommodate 2000 employees.
official building
In November 2022, all POUL TECH employees have started working in the new factory! We believe POUL TECH will get better and better!
Industrial robot