HENAN POUL TECH MACHINERY CO., LTD., we are the modern poultry farm automation solution supplier from China.

POUL TECH has very advanced automatic CNC production lines and smart robot production lines, which can produce most part of the poultry farm equipment with high precision. POUL TECH has complete Research and Development Department, and strict Quality Control system which keep our product quality always in high standard.

POUL TECH is professional poultry farm EPC project supplier, including poultry farm & chicken house plans with scientific design, equipment supplying and installation supervision till the project finished and put into operation.

We supply cage system and floor raising system for layers, pullets, broilers and breeding chickens (parental stocks), including the automatic feeding, drinking, egg collection and grading, manure removal and drying system, as well as climate control system. POUL TECH already finished lots of famous poultry farm project both in China domestic and foreign markets.

You are welcome to visit POUL TECH in China and our projects worldwide.

More tech, more returns on investment!

POUL TECH, your better poultry business partner!


The Only Supplier from China who exported poultry equipment to France of Europe Union.

  • 60+

    Our poultry equipment already exported to more than 60 countries in Europe Union, CIS, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East……

  • 200,000+ birds/day

    We can produce equipment for more than 200,000 birds/day.