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200,000 Layers Project Installation Work In Hubei Province, China.-Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


200,000 Layers Project Installation Work In Hubei Province, China.

29 , Dec 2023

Project Introduction

Breeding type: 4 rows and 8 tiers, commercial layers

Poultry house dimensions: 112x12x8m

Breeding capacity: 200,000 birds/house

Configuration: fully automatic


On December 26, 2023, we came to an H-Frame layer farming equipment installation site in Hubei Province to check the installation progress and effects of the project. This project is invested by a well-known breeding company in Hubei Province. It will build a total of 4 chicken houses, each with 8 tiers of layer cages. It uses China’s advanced H-Frame layer farming equipment. It is expected that a single building can breed 200,000 laying hens. With an annual output of about 25,000 tons of fresh eggs.

poultry farming equipment poultry farming equipment


H-Frame layer farming equipment is an industrialized, large-scale, automated and standardized H-Frame layer farming equipment currently promoted internationally. It has the characteristics of small footprint, high space utilization, high breeding density, labor saving, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Etc. The equipment mainly includes chicken cage racks, feeding systems, drinking water systems, manure cleaning systems, egg collection systems, ventilation and cooling systems, etc. It can realize the automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, egg collection, ventilation and cooling functions of the chickens. Ensure the healthy growth and high egg production performance of the chicken flock.

poultry farming equipment poultry farming equipment poultry farming equipment


It is understood that the project started construction in October this year. The construction of the chicken house and the installation of equipment have been completed. The equipment is being debugged and inspected. It is expected to be officially put into operation in January next year. The project leader said that this project is the first large-scale breeding project in Hubei Province to use 8-layer H-Frame layer farming equipment. It will provide strong support for the development of the laying hen industry and egg market supply in Hebei Province, and will also provide local farmers with Good opportunities are created to increase income and employment.

poultry farming equipment poultry farming equipment poultry farming equipment


We congratulate the project on its smooth progress and look forward to the project being put into production as soon as possible to bring more benefits to the livestock industry and consumers in Hubei Province.