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POULTECH's turnkey poultry broiler farm project in Qatar-Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


POULTECH’s turnkey poultry broiler farm project in Qatar

25 , Mar 2023
This is a broiler turnkey project about 8 buildings of poultry house in Qatar. The scale of this project is 200,000 broilers, and the customer plans to harvest a weight of 2kg. In order to ensure enough living space for the chickens, we design to breed 15 broilers per square meter. The dimension of closed chicken house we designed is 115m long, 15m wide and 2.5m high.

broiler farm

  We designed traditional heavyweight steel structure poultry shed and supplied full-set poultry equipment for this project.  

broiler farm

POUL TECH designed farm feed delivery system cross the farm included feed storage silo equipment and conveying system to each poultry house.  

Feed delivery system

In each poultry house, we also designed and installed automatic pan feeder feeding system and nipple drinker watering system to satisfy the need of feeding and drinking.We designed ventilation program for each house based on client’s farming condition. So we installed 50″ box fan, controlled winching air inlet system and cooling system for client.  

broiler farm cooling fan