Modern Layer Hen Project in Luoyang City, China

26 , Mar 2023

This project is located in Luoyang City, China. This project was officially put into production in 2018. In 2020, POUL TECH 6 rows and 9 tiers of super high-rise constant temperature layer farming equipment will be adopted. The length of chicken house is 100m, the width is 18m and the height is 9 m. The total farming number is expected to be 600,000 birds.

poultry house

The customers of this project are from low rise equipment (4 tiers) to high rise equipment (8 tiers) and then to super high rise equipment (9 tiers). The future plan is to unlock the 12 tiers of super high rise farming equipment newly developed by POUL TECH. From the beginning, the 4 tiers equipment raised 50,000 chickens to the 8 tiers equipment raised 100,000 chickens, and gradually developed into an intensive farm with 134,000 chickens.

Battery poultry cage

At the same time, in order to comply with the environmental protection, green and ecological farm breeding advocated by the national policy, it is also equipped with 6 tiers of chicken manure air drying treatment equipment, which turns important pollution sources into value-added products. It not only solves the big problem of environmental protection that has been plaguing many farms, but also realizes environmental protection and ecological farming while effectively protecting and improving the rural environment.

chicken manure dryer machine

At the same time, in order to solve the problem that the labor cost increases with the increase of the number of breeding, Purchased POUL TECH’s grading and packaging equipment, which can process 60,000 eggs per hour. POUL TECH helps the surrounding farmers to get rid of poverty in the breeding industry.

Egg grading and packaging machine