The secret of laying hen breeding

25 , Mar 2023
1、 The secret of saving material for raising eggs:
According to the experiment, the yolk and protein of eggs are formed during the day, while the eggshell is formed in the afternoon and at night. Therefore, for laying hens, we feed them twice a day. In the morning, it is better to feed them nutritious feed with high protein, high energy and low calcium, and in the evening, we feed them additive feed with low protein, low energy and high calcium. In this way, we can not only extend the egg production peak, but also increase the egg production, breed more high-quality eggs, and save some feed.
Chicken feed
2、 The secret of feeding at the best time:
There are two feeding peaks in a day for chickens. One is that within 2-3 hours after sunrise, the feed intake is 1/3 in the morning. When feeding at this time, the egg laying rate can be greatly improved. It can be seen that the feeding effect of breeding laying hens can reach the best at 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Automatic feeding
3、 Secrets to ensure high yield of laying hens:
If the chickens do not gain weight normally. Even though the current egg production and feed consumption are very high, there is still a downward trend in egg production. Before the egg production decreases, the weight problem of laying hens can be corrected by increasing consumption.
If the feed consumption has been obviously at a high level, it only means more feed consumption or at least proves that the feed remuneration is low. If the feed consumption is obviously at a low level, and the weight of the chicken flock increases normally, and the egg production is kept high, it can be maintained, and better income can be obtained from it.
Egg production increase
4、 Secret to prevent chicken from being infected:
When the chicks are 10-14 days old, use the IN strain vaccine of chicken fever to drip nose, and use 0.3 ml of inactivated vaccine of chicken fever (available in veterinary stations around the country) for intramuscular injection. At the age of 70 days, the vaccine of chicken plague I was injected intramuscularly, at the age of 120 days, the vaccine of chicken plague I was injected again, and at the same time, 1 ml of inactivated vaccine of chicken plague was injected intramuscularly, the protection rate could reach 100%. Depending on the situation, in case of any abnormality and unconfirmed condition, seek medical advice in time and do not treat blindly.
Layer vaccine