Environmental protection of chicken manure air drying equipment

25 , Mar 2023
Nebraska Public Media published an article that the chicken manure discharged from the chicken houses polluted the nearby water source.
Contamination of chicken manure
It’s very simple to solve this problem. Let’s look at our chicken manure air drying project in Guizhou Province, China.
chicken farm Chicken manure air drying equipment
Manure Drying Machine using the wind and heat blow out by fans to dry the manure for further production.
cooling fan
The moisture content in fresh chicken manure can be reduced to about 20% within 48 hours.
Air dry chicken manure
Through the air drying process, it can block the odor generated by the fresh feces during the fermentation process, the breeding of pests and diseases, and other damage to the environment and personnel.
Dried chicken manure
Dried chicken manure is suitable for long-term storage to various fertilization seasons and significantly reduces transportation and storage costs.
Dried chicken manure